Critique skills are life skills

I've always found that the skills one needs to be a good designer are the same ones needed to be a good person. I've applied my life skills to work, my work skills to life, my "Daring Greatly" fangirl badassery everywhere. 

So I was particularly excited the other day to read a blog post by a dear friend and former employee, who also shares my love for dancing. Janet was part of the original team for whom I created the Embodied Critique method, and took over leading that team when I left the company. She's written a delightful and helpful redux of what she's learned about soliciting, giving, and receiving critique -- as applied to bellydance performance:

To what other contexts have you applied your design communication superpowers? What other superpowers have helped you be a better design communicator? I'd love to have lots more of these conversations. And I need to get back to my dance class.